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Ripoff Report Removal is one of the most notorious and most popular consumer complaint sites on the internet. It ranks high in search engines, so reviews posted on its forums for any brand, personal, or company name tend to show up in top positions on Google. Not only that, but reviews can never be deleted from the site by the posters, and they refuse to act on court orders to remove. This makes negative reviews on Ripoff Report very frustrating to deal with.

How We Can Help

Though we are unable to remove ripoff reports from the site itself, we can often delete any results for those complaints from Google and other search engines. This process is called de-indexing, and will keep you from being harmed by these negative reviews. Unlike other companies who offer ‘Reverse SEO’ or ‘Push Down’ services to bury these reviews on the 2nd page or further of search results for specific keywords, de-indexing removes ripoff reports completely from all search results, so they will not appear on any page of Google, for any keyword. Since the only way people see your RipOff Reports is through search engines, deindexing has the same effect as deletion, even if RipOff Report won’t remove it from the website.

We have an 80% success rate in de-indexing links on projects we accept, and with our Money Back Guarantee you do not pay unless we get results! To see if we can remove your links, and get a quote, fill in our Free Reputation Analysis form below, or call us at 866-689-2261.

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What You Can Do

With the frustration of reviews, it is understandable that you would look for anything that could help improve your reputation. However, without experience in handling Reputation Management issues many businesses make simple mistakes that can make their reputation more difficult to repair. Our recommendation for businesses is never to respond to complaints directly. It often provokes further replies or new threads by the poster, making the situation worse. It also can provide more “juice” to the page, increasing the chances that the complaint shows up on Google for your name or company. Before replying, speak with us about your options.

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RipOff Report Removal FAQ

What does “de-indexing” mean?
De-indexing means that the link will no longer show up on the search engines. Not on page 1, not on page 41. Even if you were to copy and paste the link of the complaint into a search engine, it would still not show up. It is completely removed and no one could ever find it unless they went to the website directly to search for you (which is very unlikely).

Which websites can you de-index complaints from?
We have de-indexed complaints from, and many other top review sites, newspaper websites, and blogs.

What does it cost?
Prices vary depending on your situation. Click here to get your free reputation analysis and a quote for our services.

Other Questions?
Check out our full Online Reputation Management FAQ, or contact us at 866-689-2261.