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Other Services

While our main service is to delete or de-index complaints, we know that some of our clients are looking for more comprehensive reputation management services. We offer a variety of options to meet your needs.

Future Protection Plan

While we will remove the negative content you currently have, some companies can assume that they will receive more complaints in the future. In these cases we can offer a Future Protection Plan which acts like insurance against damaging complaints as they happen. For a monthly fee we will monitor and work towards removing negative content as it appears for either no extra charge, or at a discounted rate.

Review Software

Do you have many loyal customers, but they simply don’t post as many reviews as the few who are unhappy? We also offer software that makes it easy for you to encourage your customers to post reviews and provide you with testimonials.. For a monthly fee you will have access to this wonderful tool that can help you take control of your reputation and monitor what your customers think. The tool will generate more positive reviews, and provide more customer feedback for your company to follow up on.

Suppression Services

Suppression, reverse SEO, push down, and burying reviews are all ways of speaking about keeping negative content from appearing on the first page of Google search results. We don’t tend to advise this type of service as anything more than a temporary solution unless we are unable to remove. This is because, quite simply, it tends to be just that- temporary. Suppression needs to be a continuing effort to keep the complaints and bad reviews down, or it tends to pop back up within a few months.

However, when it is the only option, it can have good results. Over 90% of people do not go past the first page of search results. This is a great statistic for anyone dealing with negative reviews as it means that if you can simply push back any negative conversations about your company to the second page of results and beyond, 90% or more of potential customers looking for your services will simply never see them. While it does take a more long-term commitment, it can protect your reputation nearly as well as our removal services.

Ongoing ORM Services

Many companies have very little in the ways of positive online reviews. Once we have removed their current complaints, their reputation will go from bad to neutral. We want to take it from negative, to neutral, to a positive that helps your sales. With our ongoing ORM services we will help you to create more positive content about your company, and optimize your current content so you rank higher in search results. We will help you to post the positive feedback you have already received in strategic places, work with current SEO techniques to boost positive content, and give advice on how to get your happy customers to speak up!

When prospective customers look up your name, they should see what’s good about your business, and why they should trust you. By promoting the positive about your company and getting those that know you best- your loyal customers- to let the world know how great you are, you can dramatically improve your online reputation.

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